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What you have to remember is that the Left’s world view is divided into ‘victims’ and ‘oppressors’.They consider the Jewish community not only to be successful, and therefore ‘oppressors’, but also pro-Israel, which is the worst crime in the world in their book.Does anybody today, outside Labour’s lunatic fringe, doubt that I got it right?Back then it was heresy to suggest that anyone on the Left could be guilty of discriminating against any minority community.Chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said: ‘Anti-semitism is racism and the Labour Party needs to do more to establish that it is not a racist party.A zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism should mean just that.‘When senior party figures are saying there is a problem, then the leadership should take swift action.But I didn’t have to dig too deep to find convincing evidence.

It was even argued that questioning whether the murder of six million Jews during World War II actually happened was a legitimate matter of free speech. Labour officials protested that this meeting had nothing to do with the conference proper. More to the point, this is exactly the kind of fringe event that would until fairly recently have been attended enthusiastically by Jeremy Corbyn and John Mc Donnell, anxious to burnish their pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist credentials. The truth is the lunatic fringe has now gone mainstream.Still, such leniency towards Shah wasn’t entirely unexpected.I’ve always been prepared to concede that Corbyn doesn’t consider himself an anti-Semite.Where once Jew-baiting had been the sole preserve of the Far Right — the likes of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts — it is now primarily driven by an unholy alliance between the Far Left and militant Islam.My thesis was that self-styled ‘anti-Zionists’ were using their visceral hatred of Israel to intimidate Jews in this country.

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