Common applications of single phase induction motor

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more Power factor correction is common in commercial and industrial applications.A need to extend its application is gaining momentum and with the dwindling natural resources used in power generation and demand exceeding supply more efficient motor systems and power usage are at the forefront of Eskom's Demand Side Management system.A Matlab® simulation of the selected technology was completed and the hardware implementation done.The motor was run at different speeds and the power consumption was measured.

By applying this methods, an induction machine can be analyze and operate similar to the dc machine as this method provides the decoupling effect to the motor.Globally it is estimated that 40% of energy consumption is used by motors and South Africa is closer to 60%.From the statistics there are more than 800,000 swimming pools in South Africa, this swimming pools are run by small fractional horse power single phase motors.The associated problems with induction motors are low efficiency and poor power factor especially lower rated motors.The aim of the project was to design a power factor correction system and implement it on a single phase induction motor for application is a residential application.

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