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For, just seven months ago, Mc Gregor walked out on Eve, his wife of more than two decades, in favour of his much-younger co-star in the TV series Fargo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.A-Level student Gurtej Singh Randhawa, 19, hatched a scheme to murder his Sikh parents after they discovered he was dating a white girl of whom they disapproved.Beyond that, is notable for a mostly gender-equal cast, its standards of realism for the motives of its criminals (who are often fascinating characters, though the mechanics of the crimes aren't always that realistic), and for the sympathy and respect with which it treats the victims of violent crime (and sometimes the perpetrators as well).Harriet Hawkins would have turned two this April and it is a daily torment for her parents to imagine what their little girl would be like now. Harriet's first smile, first tooth, first steps - these are all the treasured milestones lost to Dr Hawkins, 48, and his wife Sarah, 34 (Sarah pictured left, while 38 weeks pregnant, and both parents pictured central image today, and right, cradling Harriet shortly after she was born).

Donald Trump's lawyer reportedly paid off an ex-porn star a month prior to the election who allegedly had a sexual encounter with the billionaire a decade before he was president, a report on Friday revealed.

For the sake of their own sanity, these are thoughts that must be pushed aside.

Instead, Harriet (inset, at her 20 week scan) lies in a hospital mortuary, 20 months after she was stillborn at Nottingham City Hospital on April 17, 2016 - the same hospital where both parents worked - following a traumatic six-day labour.

revolves around a team of FBI profilers who use their knowledge of the human mind to get into the heads of the worst criminals — and catch them.

The offenders who on other shows would merit a special event or multi-parter — serial killers who taunt the cops, school shooters, child abductors — are just this week's "Un Sub" (Unknown Subject) to this team.

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