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" whereas validation answers the question "Have we built the right model? In other words, the verification phase of VV&A focuses on comparing the elements of a simulation model of the system with the description of what the requirements and capabilities of the model were to be.

The model is used to predict (forecast) the system's behavior, and then the system's behavior and the model’s forecast are compared to determine if they are the same.

Asking individuals knowledgeable about the system whether the model and/or its behavior are reasonable.

For example, is the logic in the conceptual model correct and are the model’s input-output relationships reasonable?

M&S allows decision makers and stakeholders to quantify certain aspects of performance during the system development phase and to provide supplementary data during the testing phase of system acquisition.

More important, M&S may play a key role in the qualification ("sell-off") of a system as a means to reduce the cost of a verification test program.

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