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This argument, like the rest, is fraught with problems.

This text makes it even more clear that the Helper is sent by Jesus and comes to these specific disciples to whom Jesus is speaking. We are also told that the Helper will glorify Jesus. One could proceed to go through all of the passages that Muslims typically cite as alleged prophecies concerning Muhammad. Indeed, the two I have addressed above are the most often cited texts — the favorites of Muslim apologists.

As I have shown, Premises 1 and 2 cannot be reasonably denied. The Qur’an, over and over again, affirms the Christian Scriptures, claiming consistency with them, and asserting that the Torah and the Gospel (the “Injil”), and also the Psalms, are previous revelations from Allah. One will search in vain, however, to find any mention of Muhammad in any Biblical text.

This has left Muslim apologists doing hermeneutic gymnastics to inject Muhammad somewhere into the Bible. One such attempt is the claim that the coming prophet like Moses, spoken of in Deuteronomy -19, is, in fact, Muhammad.

Premise 1 need not be defended, since it is self-evident that the two alternatives are mutually exclusive and exhaustive possibilities.

Premise 2 is easy to establish, since the Qur’an and the Bible fundamentally contradict one another.

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