Sarah beeny internet dating

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He is very focused and always does things really well. But we've always worked together so I can't imagine not sharing that bit of my life with him; he is my best friend, so it would be weird not to and, after 25 years together, it would be very lonely on my own. We have so much on our plate that we often let making time for us slip.

So that's when we say, 'Come on, let's get a babysitter and go out'.

But I did learn a lot about the importance of balancing supply and demand from that experience. I love seeing a gap in the market and working out how to solve it in a user-friendly way.

The highs and the lows are part of the fun, too: I love it when a business is flying.

I just hope I don't end up using it as an expensive clothes hanger. I find it a terrible waste of time and, in my mind, it's a necessary evil, which I do online as much as I can because it's quicker.

If I do have to go to a shop, I find it so frustrating thinking of the things I could be doing instead, even if that is just sitting in the garden.

I'm quite good at making threats but less good at carrying them out. But I think understanding that and accepting it is a really important life skill. I'm really impressed by their levels of empathy and I have every confidence that they'll grow up as people who really understand women. I'm amazed and impressed by women who have managed to really forge a career that wasn't massively affected by having a family, but I haven't.

And, as a result, I'm permanently slightly frustrated with myself for not doing other things.

Dieting is exhausting and massively pointless because by its very name it's not going to last – you put yourself through a whole load of pain, and then you are back to square one. So I've just bought a cross-trainer so I can exercise when the kids are in bed and Graham is out.

I wish I had better attention to detail and more focus, and I'm envious of people who have those skills.

Something I've learned recently is that people are willing to pay for good advice.

I really enjoy their company, but being a good parent doesn't always mean being a nice parent.

I know it's important to lay down the law and see things through – I wish I did more of that. But as I get older, I don't think you can have total equality between men and women because they are different and they want different things.

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