The ten commandments of dating summary

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Paul on the other hand, talks about none of these things being connected with the Rapture of the Church.Furthermore, Paul says in the Rapture that Jesus comes for us personally and pulls us up into the clouds with Him, but Matthew says Jesus sends His angels for His elect at the Second Coming.Not only that, before the judgment falls, the people in the ark are taken ‘up and out’ as they rise above what rages below. They are two remarkably distinct and different events with two polar opposite conclusions.

John, in Revelation 4, is taken up in type in the Rapture and when he gets there he witnesses elders with crowns 2 chapters before the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble in Revelation 6.

This event has nothing to do with Israel and is for the Church only.

At the Second Coming this event has already taken place.

He says that the Second Coming happens 1,260 days (three and a half years) after the Jews flee to the Red Rock City of Selah Petra to hide from the Antichrist.

Jude talks about Enoch who is a type of a Christian living in the days before the Law of Moses.

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