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What is your response when you’re compared to other performers? V V: At first it seems like a compliment, especially if you’re compared to someone good, but then after a while its gets absolutely annoying, especially when you are compared to another artist in a way where they feel you’re copying or “you sound the same.” I believe all artists are different because there is only one of them and each artist’s journey is very different and complex. I would say I’m different because I am me and that’s all I can be.It sometimes is like “lazy journalism” or lack of understanding but I understand the psychological nature of comparison and association to put things in boxes, but boxes are boring and make me sick so bo ho to that. TR: Can you tell me about the creative process behind writing “Traveling Like The Light”? I didn’t think about it too much and tried to write a record almost as if it would never get released–almost like it was just for me to hide in a secret closet and think and remember of an album I did once.Incredible.) I am ashamed to admit that I’ve thought twice, and sometimes even completely avoided going somewhere or hanging out with people for fear of what others would it would be perceived. where you are forever running into people you know – is a huge adjustment. I remember the days I used to drive around Miami,, going in and out of different social circles without anyone really caring or judging me for it. Do I obey the “unwritten rules of Trinidadian society” or do I break them? I kinda just want to walk the fine line between both and see what happens. Many of you (if you’re reading this from Lebanon) can empathize with me when I say that finding a job while in Lebanon is hard enough. It’s always nice, but after 10 days or so, I begin to get antsy and am always more than ready to get back home. ) Something about this trip was different though…very different.

Anyways, today marks a few birthdays and I wanted to do something special for 'em... Collins doesn't ring a bell to you then A) you need to learn and B) you need to check out her site.TR: What are your current plans in terms of coming to the U. TR: What do you hope your audience takes away from your music on first listen? Just a little something light for a Sunday afternoon.. A very steep cost as a matter of fact: everybody knowing your business – and all of it. The place that I’ve been visiting ever since my family moved to Miami when I was a baby.So 180 seemed like a good place to bring our conversation to a close.A million 'Thank you's to all my friends & readers for sharing in this experience with me.

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