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Instead, he upheld a previous will - which left everything to Yashwant.Girish Patel, who sits as an arbitrator in disputes, was left facing legal costs bills totalling an estimated £1.3m and his reputation in ruins.He did so - his brother, Yashwant, claimed - in order to get hold of her shares and thus control over a £40m stake in the family's palm oil plantation in Malaysia.

The document was approved, but Girish then launched a bid to overturn it, for the first time producing a document he claimed his mum had signed in 2005.A 'long and acrimonious dispute' has since raged over control of the businesses, with legal cases ongoing in several different countries.The brothers' mum - Prabhavati Dahyabhai Patel - died aged 88 in September 2011, sparking fresh arguments in court.He continued: 'I accept Yashwant's contention that Girish had a strong motive for forging the will.'It provided him..control over a m stake in (the palm oil plantation) as well as a number of tactical advantages in the bitterly-fought litigation with his brothers.'It is hard to account for the peculiar layout of the text of the will, unless it was necessary to fit around the deceased's pre-existing signature.'The impression of another signature of the deceased on the same paper in close proximity to her actual signature is consistent with her having pre-signed a number of blank sheets, one on top of the other.'Judge Simmonds' ruling meant that the 1986 document - under which Yashwant gets everything - was Mrs Patel's last true will.Jailing Girish today, Mr Justice Marcus Smith said he had supported a lying case with sworn affidavits, witness statements and oral evidence.

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